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Vehicles on Rent in Nepal

Car Rental Nepal is offering different vehicles on rent in Nepal. Depending upon the Group Size, one can find the types of vehicle that one requires.

If you have a Group Size of 4-5 persons, we would recommend you to hire car. Similarly, if you have a Group Size of 6-7 people, it would be better to hire van. If you want an extra comfort, you may also hire jeep for a group of 6-7 people. Similarly, a group of 10-12 person can hire Hiace. If you have a group size of 25 people, you might want to hire mini bus. Coaster is suitable for group of 25 people who wants to have a luxurious traveling experience. Coaster is expensive than a Mini Bus but it offers additional facilities of AC, TV, fans and other services.

It would be better to hire Big Bus if you are in a group size of 35 to 40 people. If you want a luxurious Big Bus, you can rent Sutlej Bus.
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Client Review :

I must say what a pleasure it was to rent a car from Carrentalnepal. The car was fantastic. (Dodge Charger) It drove like a dream. There were no hidden fees and what was quoted was what we paid. The car was easy to pick-up and drop off. I would definitely...

Ram Singh