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Vehicle Rental Rates in Kathmandu Nepal 2016

Published Date: 2016-02-23 12:53:14

Car Rental Nepal is providing its services at best vehicle hire rate that you can find in Nepal. You can CLICK HERE to know about the Vehicle Rental Rates in Kathmandu Nepal 2016.We are one of the top travel agency who offer vehicle rental services inside and outside Kathmandu including Pokhara, Chitwan and Dharan.

Vehicle Rental Rates in Nepal differ according to the total distance that is covered by the given vehicle. It also depends on the duration for which it is booked. Normally, hourly vehicle rate will cost you more in comparison to booking car for whole day. Special discount will be offered to those who book car for more than a week. Vehicle hire price also depends on the model of the vehicle. You can easily book bus, car, van, jeep, micro bus and other vehicle in Nepal for sightseeing. The type of vehicle that you should reserve depends on the group size. Usually, hiring car is suitable for group size of 3-4 people. Hiring van is suitable if you have Group Size of 6-8 persons. If you have a large group, you can easily reserve bus in Nepal from us without any hassle. Extra cost will be charged if you wish to use AC. Also, night charge will be different from the given price list. If you are looking for long drive with just 3-4 person, then hiring SUV car will be the best as you will have a luxurious and smooth journey without any obstacle. A highly experienced driver will accompany you since vehicle hire without driver is not available in this country. Check the cheapest vehicle hire price 2016 here.   

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I must say what a pleasure it was to rent a car from Carrentalnepal. The car was fantastic. (Dodge Charger) It drove like a dream. There were no hidden fees and what was quoted was what we paid. The car was easy to pick-up and drop off. I would definitely...

Ram Singh