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Car rental in Pokhara

Published Date: 2015-07-03 16:31:21

It is a well-known fact that Nepal is one of the major trekking and tourism destinations in the entire world. The development of Nepal as a major tourist destination has helped to flourish several other services and sectors that come associated with tourism. One of such sectors is the car rental services. While the car rental service is quite popular and common in the Capital city of Kathmandu, car rental facilities are also equally popular in another major tourist city Pokhara. Pokhara is a famous city in Nepal that is very popular among the visiting tourists because of the immense natural beauty it possesses. And because of this fact, many foreign tourists and also domestic travelers visit Pokhara to take pleasure of lakes, caves, temples, amazing Mountains and the great natural beauty and sightseeing. Car rental services in Pokhara, hence, become very crucial from the tourism perspective. Even though the services of public transportation are not that bad in Pokhara, tourists normally want to travel inside the city in private rented cars. 
Because of this, many agencies that provide car rental services have emerged in Pokhara and are providing good services to the customers. Car Hire in Pokhara will make it possible for you to travel around the city of Pokhara, towards the shores of Phewa Lake, around the popular area of Lakeside, and also around the beautiful places like Davis Falls, Mahendra Cave and World Peace Stupa. Car rental services have eased up travelling inside the lake city of Pokhara and have made it very easy and convenient for the tourists to navigate around the city. You can hire a car in Pokhara and plan your Nepal vacation accordingly. 
Among the various car rental agencies in Pokhara, Car Rental Nepal is the foremost and the most popular one. Car Rental Nepal has been providing its services in the major cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu and many others. Car Rental Nepal makes it possible for you to hire cars online by visiting on the online site of This online car hire and booking service will come as very helpful tool for the visitors as you will not have to worry about hiring a car in Pokhara. Your visit to the wonderful city becomes a pleasurable experience that will remain in your memories for many years. Also, the availability of drivers with many years of experience behind them will add to your benefit as they will make sure that you will have a safe ride while in the city. 

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I must say what a pleasure it was to rent a car from Carrentalnepal. The car was fantastic. (Dodge Charger) It drove like a dream. There were no hidden fees and what was quoted was what we paid. The car was easy to pick-up and drop off. I would definitely...

Ram Singh